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Images_Images_OIl on Canvas_70x50cm_Nina

образи, образи

от серията Реалности

маслена живопис върху платно, 50 x 70 cm, 2021

Landscape field.jpg


от серията Реалности

маслена живопис върху платно, 40 x 50 cm, 2020



от поредицата Реалности

масло върху платно, 21 х 40 см,  2020 г.

Nina Pancheva_Polar Bear.jpg

Полярна мечка

от поредицата Реалности

масло върху платно, 56 x 67 см,  2020 г.

Girl_Nina_Pancheva_70x60cm_2021_Oil on c


от поредицата Реалности

масло върху платно, 70 х 60 см,  2021



от поредицата Реалности

масло върху платно, 40 х 50 см,  2021



масло върху платно, 50 х 40 см,  2020 г.

от поредицата Реалности


от поредицата Реалности

масло върху платно, 80 х 40 см,  2021

Realities_Oil on Canvas_Nina Pancheva.jpg


от серията Реалности

маслени бои върху платно, 60 x 80 cm, 2021

About the series Realities

This series is constructed around the tension between the mimetic look of the figurative elements depicted and the abstract forms of the computer dialogue boxes. The process of working on this series started twofold. On the one hand, it aimed to address formal questions regarding space in the two-dimensional surface of the canvas. By adding the computer dialogue boxes in the paintings, the surface separates into two levels of perception, one been the landscapes and the portrait of the girl, i. e. a realistic approach, and the other - an abstract shape of the computer dialogue box. The nuances are the result of the contrast I pursuit – the contrast between an image that looks calm, peaceful, and inviting (for example the landscape in the painting Field) and the cool gray colors and sharp edges of the dialogue box, which interferes with the perception of the landscape.

The other direction of the creative process unfolded with my hope to contribute to the awareness of current ecological problems, which we all face – the melting of the polar ice caps and the overall global climate change. In this sense, the computer dialogue boxes appear in the paintings as signs of reality, saturated with images, especially on screens. Sometimes it seems as the screens show us a more ‘truthful’ reality than our own five senses in our daily life perceive. We see, hear and еxperience the worlds’ events through screens, we feel as we belong to the world through the power of these images. Our own existential experience is deeply influenced by this perception.

On the other hand, the world on our screens seems somehow unreal – it resembles some kind of computer-generated reality. Thus issues as fundamental as global warming seem far away as if they do not concern us. My paintings combine elements of these two modes of perception, seeking to open up possibilities for awareness of these ecological issues, for the ways we perceive reality and the functions of visual art within this context.

The painting Girl continues the interaction between ‘reality’ and technology on another level – the face of the girl is covered with a QR Code which opens a website. In this address, the viewer can see the face of the girl as a whole, without the QR code. Ironically, the mediation of technology is once again necessary.

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